NGT For Endophyte Enabled Seed Priming

Under fast changing climate, biotic and abiotic stresses pose serious threat for crop productivity. New generation crop breeding and seed-based stress mitigation approaches are required to sustain crop growth and productivity under already stressed environment. The main goal of the proposal would be to examine the options for stress mitigation strategies using new generation seed bio-priming and/or priming technologies. We would like to be explore the options for exploiting the use of endophytic bacteria and fungi (EF) in ameliorating crop growth and productivity under stressful environments. Endophytes which occur ubiquitously in plants without causing any visible symptoms have been found to be useful to boost growth and minimize ill effects of stresses. Many plant physiological processes have been attributed to be shaped by endophyte association. Several studies have demonstrated the direct role of endophytic fungi in imparting tolerance to plants against abiotic and biotic stresses.

However, empirical evidence regarding the effectiveness of GS and potential of gene editing (which are regarded as precision breeding tools) and the best methodology for their application in general and dolichos bean and rice, respectively in particular are limited. The main focus the activity 1b would on crop improvement in important crops (dolichos bean and rice, finger millet, etc.,) using advanced genomic tools.